The Man With Everything

“Gather ’round, there, y’all people, for the story I will tell,” Matt Campbell begins, kicking off this country-fried combination of twang, Telecasters and train beats like some old-world folk hero. A former bar back at Robert’s Western World in downtown Nashville, Campbell has since graduated to playing gigs upon the venue’s iconic stage. “The Night I Found Jesus” doubles down on that experience, mixing Campbell’s tall-tale delivery with vintage songwriting built for dancehalls and honky-tonks." - Robert Crawford, Rolling Stone Country

"From the first notes of Matt Campbell‘s “The Night I Found Jesus (Down at Robert’s Western World),” the imagination fills with images of a charismatic, road-worn troubadour, one like Woody Guthrie, strapped with an acoustic guitar and some scuffed-up boots, who steps up onto a table in a crowded room, and grabs everyone’s attention with artfully-crafted storytelling and a sense of humor. And couldn’t we all use a little more humor these days?" - Susan Hubbard, Mother Church Pew

"Matt Campbell has done a great job of mixing reminiscent with refreshing, and his take on country music in “The Man with Everything” is a must listen." - Caleb Long, Crank It Country

"Campbell's unique vocals weave an American story that is hopeful, authentic, and relatable." - Tara Joan, The Daily Country

"Campbell’s upcoming release can be summed up in one word: classic." - Drew Pearce, Nstyle Country